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Matt Colie

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Oct 25, 2019
Southeast Michigan and Northern Ohio GMC Owners Network Lunch.
MAY NOT HAPPEN, what you choose to do is your choice.
I cannot promise we will be there at all.
I have been studying all the available information.
As of my last reading, there are about two dozen confirmed cases in all of Michigan.

While many have survived by having the infection run its course, there are some cases that have not gone well. Most that have had a bad time were people with compromised immunity. If that describes you at all, I don’t think you need my advice. The thing I find disquieting is that an individual can be contagious for as much as three days before being symptomatic.

Care to know more?
Wuhan Virus - this guy is credible and comprehensive. EVERYONE needs to see all of this long podcast in order to understand what we're all facing:

Am I believing the hype? Not really, but I just can’t quickly imagine there would be a better place to disperse the virus than an international buffet.

I will be watching the situation before I try to set up another gathering of coaches in April. At this time, that may not be advised. Time will tell.

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