Replaced the rug with TILE, that rug has GOT TO GO.-GatsbysCruiser

The GMC came with a very deep pile, almost a berber type carpet. It looked good when new but it doesn't wear well. and it is a huge
problem when working on the engine and ESPECIALLY SO when the mechanics with their greazy shoes are working on the engine.
Lets face it, you can only clean that rug so many times and cleaning dirt and sand out on a daily basis is just not always possible.
- My answer was to rip that carpet out and replace it with a nice vinyl type tile. Absolutely the best covering for the RV. Add a couple
of throw rugs that you can take out and shake or even hose down and the problem is solved. Looks great, easy to clean, the tiles wipe up, even the
mechanic said the tile was a great idea.
A change for the better.
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