No city water hook up??


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Sep 2, 2020
So Cal
I think this is unique to the roll a long build. Externally I have no city water hook up. Driver side rear compartment (normal generator location.) is blocked off by the shower, but it does have the cord for power. Passenger side rear is where my generator is, and there is a water cap, but it looks like it is to fill a tank. No hose connection. Back on the driver side I have an additional door(forward of the rear tires) that opens up to what looks like the bottom/back of the fridge, and there is another water cap. But again no hose connection.
It kinda seems like roll a long never intended to have city water, just fill the tanks and use the water pump from there. I see nothing at any end or under the coach

Any chance anyone has anything similar on their coach? Or has even seen anything similar?


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Oct 3, 2019
Aumsville OR
The brochure says it has 90 gallons of fresh water storage!
Wow, who needs a water hook-up with a 90 gallon tank?
The question is, does it have a wastewater tank sized to match it? Or are they counting on other means of disposal?

Really though, all you'd need is some sort of bulkhead hose fitting and a check valve. It shouldn't be too bad to add a connection of your own.