Leaking Windshield


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Oct 7, 2019
Buffalo NY
An RV Specialist applied silicone to the windshield seal ? Yeah, don't ever invite that 'specialist' to touch your coach again!

Silicone should be banned completely from anything related to RVs. Anyone that's ever had to deal with a PO's 'repair' of an exterior leak using silicone will understand, you never, ever, use silicone on almost any part of the coach.

Maybe if you want to set a sink or caulk around the tub in the bathroom. Or use RTV to form a gasket if that's your only option, it's handy in a tool kit. But that's about it. The stuff is terrible and has no business being applied to the outside of any coach. It's actually worse than not applying it at all! (as you are finding out)

Try cleaning it up now that it's failed. It always fails, and it's darn near impossible to get every bit of residue removed. (you'll never get it all off)

Try getting some other sealer to stick to it. (hint: nothing sticks to it)

It's absolutely, hands down, my least favorite thing ever done to my coach by a PO. 'Fixes' with silicone. I wish I could go back in time and slap him/her up-side the head. And the jerk that sold him/her that stuff in the first place, I'd like to punch them right in the face.