Internal window rubber

Matt Colie

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Oct 25, 2019
South East Michigan near DTW
Nothing to be sorry about. We are all here to help.
Glad you found your way here. Welcome to the group, family, cult, asylum......

A good place to start for anything is This is the haunt of Jim Kanomata who is a diligent supplier of all things GMC.
Just to make things easy, please add your name and location to the sigfile. This helps us to help you.
Please check the VIN and the glove compartment sticker. I don't think any of the upfitters used the bunk-bed-sofa, but I could be wrong. The vin docoder will tell you if she was shipped as a transmode.

The bare fact is that showing here or at the other (older ) forum has just gotten you a few thousand new old friends that will be of inestimable value as you go along. You should also try to hook up with the local chapter as soon as it is practical. There can be a lot of support there. This is a group that can supply a lot of help and support. We all want you to enjoy what this coach can do for you. As it is your connection to this community, it is far more valuable than just a new big toy. These people can supply an awesome amount of support. They are like the watermen of my world and you have to get to know what they can do for you. Now, I like to say a special welcome to all the new owners. So,

May the Good Lord Bless this coach and all those that set forth within her.

Welcome Gerry