GMCMI votes to no longer require FMCA membership

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Oct 3, 2019
Ontario Canada
For those who are not members of GMCMI, the vote on the FMCA membership requirement has been tabulated.

You will not longer be required to be a member of FMCA to be a member of GMCMI. Here is the announcement from the November 2019 GMCMI Monthly e-News.

GMCMI Membership Requirement Ballot Results
A message from GMCMI President Dolph Santorine:

GMCMI to be independent!

During the Mansfield Convention, we did presentations on an independent GMCMI by eliminating the FMCA prerequisite.

The change will allow our associate members to immediately become full members with all the privileges therein.

The two tiered membership system was cumbersome and the Board believes that the change will result in additional members and convention attendance for GMCMI.

Like the ballot at the general membership meeting, you – the membership, voted overwhelmingly to drop the FMCA requirement for full membership in GMCMI.

Here are the results of the ballot sent out by email:

401 Number of Votes Received
364 Number of Yes
28 Number of No
9 Abstained

The pre-requisite of joining FMCA to become a full member of GMCMI is no longer, and effective January 1, 2020, GMCMI will no longer be a chapter of FMCA.

Remember that the change in no way is a referendum on FMCA.

The benefits that FMCA provides you as an individual are not affected. If you desire the personal benefits from FMCA offers, you will need to maintain your membership with them.

Now we just need to complete the process by adopting our new set of ByLaws and Standing Rules for GMCMI.

You will be seeing the ballot in your email soon.

I will be reporting on the results early in the New Year.

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