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Delco Alternator service manual 2019-10-14

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This is a very good manual for the alternators used on the GMC.
Note: Everyone should have some type of over-current protection on the Excitation wire to the alternator. Various fixes are:
- APC cable or equivalent (plugs in between the OEM wiring and the 2 pin connection to the alternator)
- Add a diode in series with the excitation wire (this is what the APC cable does)
- Bypass the wiring harness resistor wire (nichrome wire) and add either a fixed resistor (10 ohm 25Watt) or a #1156 (turn signal) bulb) in series.
- Add a fuse in series with the exciter wire. Since the maximum current is ~12v / 10 ohms = 1.2Amps, a 2.5 Amp fuse will work fine. Use an ATC blade type fuse for reliability.
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